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Effectively support the back office

The back office is the backbone of the sales organization. Depending on the sales structure, it supports the field service in coordinating appointments, preparing and tracking offers. It ensures that the sales processes run optimally and serves as an interface between customers and field service. Good organization and a suitable technical infrastructure are essential for successful teamwork and communication between the two areas. The PiSA sales CRM offers you this in the form of a common work & communication platform.

The interface for optimal cooperation between back office and field service

  • More efficiency and transparency across departmental boundaries
  • Always all details at your disposal: sold products, histories, open to-dos, known competitors, involved actors including role etc.
  • Automatic assignment of sales employees to freely structured sales territories
  • Comprehensive evaluation possibilities

Improve your teamwork

The PiSA sales CRM serves as an interface between field and back office and, thus, ensures that reaction times are greatly reduced. In addition to the use in the back office, field staff benefit from the easy operation and mobile availability of powerful sales applications on smartphones, tablets and notebooks. In addition to the classic telephone call, employees and colleagues have access to an easy-to-use chat, whose communication processes are always documented at the relevant event. This means that conversations can be traced even after weeks and months. Back office and front office employees can create, delegate and complete tasks and appointments with just a few clicks. So everyone knows what they have to do and when. The system-supported collaboration has a number of advantages for all those involved.

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