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Partner Program

Welcome to the PiSA sales Partner Program

As a CRM specialist for B2B demands, our customer base includes many top-name companies, among them ZÜBLIN, SIEMENS Energy, ThyssenKrupp Uhde HP, MENNEKES, GEMÜ, AMADA, Mauell, Hekatron, Senvion (form. REpower) and Vattenfall.

The success we have enjoyed over the past years is testimony to the fact that we have developed ideal solutions for our customers, i.e. small and medium-size enterprises in the fields of industrial manufacturing, B2B commerce, and financial services (most notably in the insurance sector), on the basis of our PiSA sales CRM software. The forecasts indicate that we can expect to see double-digit growth rates for the CRM market in the coming years. We invite you to join us in profiting from that growth.

Your Profile

As a provider of systems technology or of ERP-related business applications or as a consulting firm, your clientele comprises SMEs with a workforce of between 100 and 10,000 employees in any of the following sectors:

  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Building and building-supplies industry
  • Electronics
  • Metal processing
  • Energy supply
  • Systems business
  • High-tech and research
  • Wholesaling
  • Financial services

You are searching for a capable CRM solution with the exceptional level of flexibility you need to enable you to adapt to the demands of your clients.

If this description fits, you should definitely get in touch with us and find out how you could tap into the enormous potential of the CRM market by becoming a PiSA sales Partner. The PiSA sales Partner Program is the perfect proposition for successful collaboration in the CRM market.

As a Tip Partner

Keep us abreast of your customers’ or potential customers’ CRM needs and profit from a handsome tip commission. You provide the name of the company and the relevant contacts there and our sales specialists will take it from there. The projects that ensue as a result of such contacts will e implemented directly by PiSA sales GmbH. Needless to say, we maintain absolute discretion if our tip partners so request.

As a Sales Partner

Add our excellent PiSA sales CRM solution to your portfolio of products. The modular character of this product and its extensive adaptability means you will be offering your clientele a sector-specific, scalable CRM suite that provides the ideal platform for all customer-proximate processes.

We will provide marketing and sales support for the PiSA sales CRM product through training and the supply of tried and trusted marketing tools. If you wish, we will also be happy to help with on-site customer presentations. You can depend absolutely on our 29 years of experience in this field.

Once an order is received, our experts will take care of all software implementation, will offer comprehensive introduction assistance, and will provide all support services.

As an Implementation Partner

Our implementation partners are competent software and systems providers who independently offer their clientele the PiSA sales CRM suite as part of their own product portfolio. We will ensure the transfer of a comprehensive foundation of product know-how so as to enable you to successfully sell, implement, and provide support for this PiSA sales solution.

Because our CRM system is so extraordinarily adaptable, we will also help you to develop your own sector templates tailored specifically to the needs of your target groups. Our experienced staff will provide all the necessary development training.

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