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Field Service

Digitize your processes such as the planning, execution, time recording and feedback of assignments of your customer service team with the PiSA sales service apps. Both your field staff who can from now on better concentrate on their assignments without burdensome paperwork and your customers who are treated with exceptional service will benefit. The heads of service have all information gathered by the field staff at their disposal for analyses as well as a basis for future management steps.

All information relevant to a service assignment are immediately available in the PiSA sales service apps – starting with access to the service inquiry (ticket), the service order including appointment all the way to the service product (installed base).

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CRM-Apps für den Fieldservice

For a highly qualified customer service it is possible to access an FAQ and error code database, the service history, product-specific documents and contracts via smartphone and tablet app. To finish an assignment service technicians on location can comfortably bill their services as operation report, make photos or draw sketches to capture their repair work digitally as well as report to the headquarter their working hours (start of work, start of assignment, breaks, end of assignment etc.) and built-in spare parts, consumables and purchased parts for invoicing. Of course, the PiSA sales service apps work perfectly in offline mode as well, for example at difficult to reach locations without internet connection.

Helpdesk & Ticketing mit dem PiSA sales CRM

Helpdesk & Ticketing

Offer your customers a choice of multiple channels via which to contact you. The PiSA sales Service module will converge all service reports, claims, complaints, and inquiries received via your website, by e-mail, phone, or fax into a central system.

Easy integration of your telephone system (CTI) combined with a 360° view of all your contacts will let you know who’s calling right from the first ring. A single mouse click then takes you straight to the complete customer file, giving you access to customer history, the installed basis, and all services cases and contract data.

The quick creation of service tickets and corresponding workflows ensures that support content is efficiently organized and managed. An intelligent knowledge database will help your staff and colleagues to optimize ticketing processes.

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The system automatically identifies which products the customer has purchased and will propose appropriate solutions to a given problem based on the service reports received. Pre-prepared, individually draftable text blocks will enable your helpdesk team to quickly compose e-mail responses containing valid facts and information. Moreover, the system can suggest the best possible processing procedure for a ticket based on the service report. The processing clerk will know immediately when and how to proceed with the treatment of a problem.

Service is a team job. The shared activities-management platform in PiSA sales CRM makes it possible to add efficiency to task-delegation, processing, and reporting activities, and to the collaborative handling of complex service cases.

Service Sales

PiSA sales CRM is just the system you need to establish and develop profitable service sales operations. At the click of a button the system will provide information about which products a customer has purchased, which service and maintenance contracts are on the verge of expiring, and which customers have not entered any contract whatsoever to date.

Exploit the profit potential inherent in proactively selling aftersales services, training measures, or replacement parts. By operating on a shared-knowledge basis, your outfit and your company’s marketing and sales unit will profit reciprocally from each other’s repositories of CRM customer data.

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Servicevertrieb mit dem PiSA sales CRM

PiSA sales offers fitting solutions for everything from the management of business opportunities in service sales to quote preparation and order management, and the forward-looking analysis of anticipated service revenue.

The system gives you structured access to the contacts, documents, and history attached to any case. Information on past demands, records and reports from the service field staff, as well as detailed information about products purchased to date will provide all the resources you need for successful up- and cross-selling.

The ability to segment your customer base along a service perspective will allow you to address individual customers in a more targeted fashion and thus achieve a greater level of profitability while actually downscaling the efforts you need to invest. The system allows you to make use of the same tools employed in product sales operations, but to further supplement those tools with information of specific benefit in service sales.

Vertragsmanagement mit dem PiSA sales CRM

Contract Management

Effective contract management is key to the success of any service operation. PiSA sales CRM provides options for the processing of the whole spectrum of contract types. Maintenance contracts can be automatically billed either using the relevant service-performance information or on the basis of periodically recurring service and maintenance processes.

All contract partners, in-house and external contacts, all serviceable installations, relevant documents, and other items of information are structurally coupled to the contract. The system will also provide you with a ready overview of all contractual periods, deadlines, extensions, any pertinent security information, or information on discount agreements. Automatic reminders, for example to inform you of an impending contract expiration date, can may individually configured.

Work Scheduling & Handling

PiSA sales CRM covers all aspects relevant to the management of service field staff, the planning of service assignments, and assignment reporting. The system will help you schedule your personnel resources (service technicians and installation staff) and non-personnel resources (service vehicles or tools) and will allow service reports to be submitted on location and billing feedback to be immediately issued in return.

A powerful yet easy to use scheduling board lets you optimize your trafficking operations, with an integrated release mechanism ensuring planning consistency. The scheduling board will display all the information you need at a glance to help you avoid overextending your resources and to help you make accommodations for employee absences (due to vacation or sick leave). An integrated skills-management feature enables you to quickly pick the people with the right skills and experience for a given job.

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Einsatzplanung und -abwicklung mit dem PiSA sales CRM

Service staff in the field will be able to access assignment scheduling information via a tablet PC or notebook. All customer information, information on the problem that requires attending to, and information on the terms to which the customer is subject and on the customer’s service history will be available both online and offline. FAQs and manuals posted on the integrated knowledge database will help technicians to resolve problems as efficiently as possible.

Once a job has been completed, service staff will be able to finalize the relevant documentation and reporting on location, with the customer signing a digital report sheet using a signature pad. The report sheet containing the customer’s legally valid biometric signature will be automatically saved to the system. All services performed and replacement parts provided, all work, break, and travelling times incurred, including calculations based on retrievable information on hourly rates, discounts and surcharges (e.g. for work performed after hours or on public holidays), charges for travel and overnight-accommodation costs, etc., will be transmittable to the home office straight from the system’s billing feature.

Reports und Analysen im Service mit dem PiSA sales CRM

Reports & Analyses

Your service outfit will benefit from the comprehensive reporting and analysis options available as part of the PiSA sales CRM solution. Not only will you be able to uncover extra potential for improvement, but you will also be able to sustainably raise the quality of your service processes and products.

Create individual parameters for your reports to generate substantive assessments on recurring issues. The reports will provide information on such things as the most frequent types of inquiries, claims, reasons for complaint, or which of your products require the greatest level of maintenance, and they will do so at the mere click of a button.

Dynamic filters are available to help you maintain a clear overview on any situation and enable you to respond to it in a timely manner. They include filters to identify all escalated tickets in a running week, for example, or all maintenance contracts due to expire over the next four weeks.

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The analysis of reports from service assignments can be a valuable asset, too. Needless to say, the Service Sales module also includes features for the comparison of actual and target scheduling data, forecast analyses, and options for multidimensional drill-down analyses.

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