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Planning & Managing

PiSA sales CRM lets you centralize the management of all marketing activities. That way you will always have a clear overview of all milestones, deadlines, tasks, and appointments. The group calendar lists all the activities scheduled by your colleagues and staff, allowing you to instantly establish who has available capacities and when. You will be able to schedule both your personnel and non-personnel resources with just a few mouse clicks.

An intelligent to-do list will be available to all staff members in your marketing outfit for the management of their personal tasks and appointments. Reminder and follow-up functions ensure smooth work execution. Histories of event, publication, or campaign activities will enable you to quickly ascertain what was previously agreed on with which of your colleagues or external contacts.

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Planen und führen mit dem PiSA sales CRM

The system provides a special marketing calendar for annual marketing planning. PiSA sales CRM lets you schedule both personnel and appointments in connection with your marketing measures as well as your budget. It also lets you compare target and actual figures either for individual campaigns or across the entire year. You can create a practice-based cost overview and analysis that will let you quickly identify potential for cost reductions.

Selektieren und filtern mit dem PiSA sales CRM

Selection & Filtering

Comprehensive yet simple-to-use means of target-group selection are particularly valuable marketing aids. PiSA sales CRM offers a host of tools that are as flexible as they are effective for this purpose. You can, for example, attach either simple or highly complex filters to all individuals or organizations in your system, allowing selections to be performed on the basis of any master data, indicators, or types of relationship. This means you will be able to launch queries such as “show me all sector A customers located in territory B who have purchased product C and with whom no sales discussion has been held in the past three months”.

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You can use these filters ad-hoc or store them for later use. You can also make them available to other users. Define important filters by clicking them onto an active watch list. The system will then automatically update the results in such a way as to enable you to more quickly address the target group in a marketing campaign.

A proximity-search feature lets you select individuals and organizations located within a defined radius around a particular location. Combine it with a freely selectable filter, and this function becomes an invaluable help in preparing for exhibitions or other events, running invitation campaigns for those events, etc.

One of the special features of the selection and filtering function is its ability to perform multi-level searches. It enables you to quickly identify a target group out of any population of contacts using a system of multi-level filtering.

PiSA sales CRM also makes it easy to maintain duplication-free mailing lists for recurring use (a list of Christmas-card recipients, for example).

Campaign Management

PiSA sales effectively supports and transparently maps out the whole spectrum of marketing operations—from event planning and preparation to press services, telemarketing activities, and professional mass mailings.

If so required, the system will reliably guide your staff along a best-practice path to success. New processes are easily definable—no programming skills required. You will be able to monitor the progress and status of your marketing campaigns at the click of a button. In addition to quick-fire ad-hoc analyses, the system can also provide you with comprehensive reports.

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Kampagnenmanagement mit dem PiSA sales CRM

In principle, you can attach specific contact lists containing the names of in-house and external contacts as well as organizational contacts to all your marketing campaigns. And all tasks, appointments, correspondence, and documents are maintained in a virtual case folder.

Convenient other functions, such as checklists or budget calculators, will further facilitate your campaign-management activities and help you to execute marketing campaigns efficiently.

CRM-Apps für die Messeleaderfassung

Lead Management

The easy creation, error-free management, and systematic on-forwarding of leads and customer potentials from the marketing to the sales outfit is a prerequisite for success down the line. The PiSA sales CRM offers unique solutions for this process.

The PiSA sales CRM lets you easily qualify, categorize, and delegate to the appropriate teams all incoming inquiries (received online, by phone, e-mail, post, fax, etc.). A dedicated screen will display information about when the inquiry was received and via which channel it was received. You will be kept consistently informed about the processing status for the inquiry and the documented response to it. This ensures automatic escalation management, with inquiries never again going unanswered.

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The documentation and follow-up processing by field and in-house sales staff of sales talks conducted at tradeshows is a particularly work-intensive task. The PiSA sales CRM offers an own marketing app to note visit reports directly in the CRM system. Instantly, you create digital questionnaires which can be used by yourself and your colleagues as a template for the quick capturing of fair trade conversations. Thanks to the integrated OCR text recognition you simply generate a new contact by photographing the business card of your contact person directly at the fair stand and document the needs and requirements of your counterpart via fingertip. Moreover, in the app you have access to a media library to show videos and product catalogues. The app can be used both online and offline. This allows you to record trade fair reports even if your Internet connection is poor or missing and even read out contact data from business cards via OCR scan. (The data is processed locally on your device and is not sent to external servers, as is often the case with other systems.) Finally, the system will automatically generate follow-up tasks and delegate them to the sales office, for example, thus ensuring the timely further processing of your fair visit.

This module also makes it easy to run surveys of any kind, e.g. online surveys on customer satisfaction. And you can program those surveys to generate either anonymized or personalized results. Another application for which this module can be used is to provide structured discussion guides (comprehensive or quick guides) for contact situations such as telemarketing.

All three selectable scenarios provide an array of options for the assessment and analysis of the data collected. Flexible reports issued in your corporate design will cover all required information.

Serial E-Mails & Letters

Highly personalized mass mailings (by e-mail or post) are a B2B marketing instrument of growing significance. PiSA sales CRM offers the ideal prerequisites for effective marketing: duplication-free address stocks, extensive selection options, no-fuss pre- and post-processing functions, and response analysis capability.

You can use flexible templates to compose personalized mass mails in your company’s corporate design, making automated use of any of the contact information available for a respective addressee. This will enable you not only to personally address recipients, but to also include things like the company name or the name of the responsible sales representative in your mail.

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E-Mailmarketing und Serienbriefe mit dem PiSA sales CRM

What’s more, you will be able to send mass e-mails straight from the CRM system. If you wish to also be able to generate professionally composed e-mails using an intuitively operable WYSIWYG editor, to make those e-mails highly personalized, and to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign all the way down to the click level, we will integrate the Inxmail Professional solution for e-mail marketing into your system.

Make the most of two worlds by using the comprehensive selection and filtering options in PiSA sales CRM to define your recipient list (even selecting recipients by a geo-location criterion using the proximity-search function) and then combining those capabilities with Inxmail Professional through the easy transmission of recipient data to that program. The flexible newsletter templates in Inxmail Professional will allow you to effortlessly create even sophisticated designs.

A range of tests, preview capabilities, and release mechanisms will ensure the quality and deliverability of your mailings before they leave your system.

Responses to the mails you issue via Inxmail Professional (click responses, proportion of mails opened, detailed reports, de-registrations, or bounces) will be recorded and processed in PiSA sales CRM at the click of a button and the results meaningfully linked to the respective recipients and cases. With the results of your mailings thus well documented, they can now be analyzed in the CRM system to serve as refinement input for subsequent activities such as targeted telemarketing campaigns.

Reports und Analysen im Marketing mit dem PiSA sales CRM

Reports & Analyses

The success of marketing campaigns is increasingly measurable nowadays. That is why analyses and status reports along the marketing process chain and at the end of it are indispensable for gauging the effectiveness of promotional measures. PiSA sales CRM provides powerful tools that enable a great variety of assessments.

All the indicators you rely on for your operations will be maintained and retrievable in constantly updated form in your personal user cockpit: target/actual comparisons, graphically presented filtering results, year-on-year comparisons, drill-down analyses, and much more. These capabilities will enable you to keep close checks on your budget and to immediately make adjustments if a marketing measure is not producing the hoped-for results. The system allows you to quickly generate reports on the effectiveness of your activities and to store those reports in a for-presentation format.

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