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E-mail integration made easy

The PiSA sales CRM offers you interfaces to Outlook/Exchange as well as to Lotus Notes and the Google G-Suite as standard. These enable the bidirectional synchronization of all e-mails, tasks, appointments, telephone calls and memos. With the help of the groupware connector your appointments are synchronized fully automatically with the Microsoft Exchange server, the Lotus Domino server or the Google G-Suite in PiSA sales. With the PiSA sales mailbox we offer an integrated groupware client as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

Saves time at the communication interface

  • Bidirectional coupling with Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino or Google G-Suite
  • Automatic alignment of groupware appointments with PiSA sales appointments
  • Optimum protection of privacy thanks to a sophisticated access management system
  • Automatic linking of the information imported into the CRM into the correct context
  • PiSA sales mailbox as an alternative to the Outlook client

Central e-mail archiving

The PiSA sales CRM becomes the central location for e-mail archiving in the areas of sales, marketing and service. The deep integration in Microsoft Office supports the import of e-mails including document attachments into PiSA sales CRM and their linking to any contacts, activities, products and processes. During the import process, in addition to automatic recipient and sender assignment, you can add missing contact data in PiSA sales CRM, quickly link the e-mail to the relevant context, deselect attachments that are not needed, etc. This qualified assignment means that e-mails can be quickly found and tracked later in the system in the contact or transaction history.

Calendar for all appointments and activities

While the PiSA sales Groupware-Connector makes sure that the data in both systems are up-to-date, the PiSA sales Calendar shows all synchronized appointments as well as other activities and availability of your employees in the CRM system. Thereby transaction information, involved persons, attached documents etc. can be called directly from the appointment. Your privacy is optimally protected by the special treatment of private appointments. In addition to a personal calendar, a team calendar is available, which shows you the calendars of your colleagues.

The PiSA sales mailbox – the clever alternative to Outlook

With the PiSA sales mailbox you get a groupware client integrated in PiSA sales, which makes parallel work in Outlook unnecessary. You can read e-mails received in the PiSA sales mailbox, import them into the PiSA sales CRM with one click if required, send e-mail drafts and edit appointment invitations. In addition, you always have an overview of all upcoming tasks and appointments. The structure and functionality of the PiSA sales mailbox is based on common groupware clients and can be placed as a separate window on a second screen.

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