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The PiSA sales training program supports the optimal and effective implementation of the PiSA sales CRM at your company. Ultimately, only a CRM system actively accepted by its users will bring a sustainable benefit. Our set goal is to train and support your employees on user level in the basic usage as well as specialized topics.

A proven method are key user trainings, which means we train your chosen users that subsequently transfer the knowledge to their colleagues (train the trainer principle). Moreover, key users act as multipliers and contact partners. On request, we can also perform the training of all end users.

The training contents are divided into flexible blocks. This enables you to arrange an individual training offer depending on your use cases. In the following section we would like to give you an overview of all training blocks belonging to the topic user trainings.

Basic User Training I

PiSA sales introduction

  • Introduction
  • Research features
  • Internal data
  • Entry portal, calendar
  • Contact management
  • Ad hoc lists
  • Create activities
  • Messages, pin board
  • Correspondences
  • Templates (reports)
  • Documents & folders

Basic User Training II

Deeper knowledge

  • Filters
  • Watchlists
  • Evaluations


  • Desktop integration
  • Email, phone/CTI
  • Groupware (Microsoft Office, Outlook etc.)


Execution & tracking of marketing activities

  • Telemarketing campaigs, publications, events
  • Workflows
  • Attendee status
  • Contact lists
  • Marketing calendar

Annual & budget planning

  • “Project folder as budget folder”
  • Campaigns

Trade fair assistant including app

  • Event
  • Trade fair report
  • Trade fair app
  • Contact import

Mailings & Inxmail Professional

  • Mailings
  • Personalized questionnaire links
  • Email marketing with Inxmail

Reporting, evaluations & cockpits for marketing use

  • Reports
  • Cockpit


Generation & management of sales cases

  • Opportunities, quotes, orders
  • Workflows
  • Rights management
  • Involved parties (incl. competitors)

Lead management

  • Lead import (e.g. online inquiry, email etc.)
  • “Lead to customer”
  • Request portal

Quote generation

  • Quote feature
  • Quote generation
  • Competitor database


  • Pipeline in practice
  • Overview list of sales cases
  • Sales funnel (ideal/real)
  • View of products/services
  • Standard reports
  • Trend Center & forecast


  • Cockpits for the sales team
  • Drill-down utility, Trend Center
  • Reports

Sales planning

  • Planungsobjekte/Planungseinheiten
  • Formular features
  • Open / create new planning
  • Cockpit elements


Service management

  • Complaints and tickets
  • Create service quotes
  • Service calls/quote/order
  • Process-supporting objects in the service
  • FAQs, error catalogue, error codes

Non-plannable service cases

  • Enter and qualifiy service calls
  • Service quote, service order
  • Service deployment

Plannable service cases

  • Maintenance appointments
  • Service quote, service order
  • Service appointment
  • Contract management

App for feedback & time capture

  • Feedback
  • Billing
  • Time capture

Resource planning & contract management

  • Resource planning with the planning board
  • Appointments in the planning board
  • Contract management

Customer installation

  • Product-related view (installation database)
  • Customer installation

Reporting, evaluations & cockpits for the service team

  • Reports
  • Cockpit

Individual topics

Field service

  • Preparation (360° view)
  • Route planning, route list
  • Customer visit
  • Visit report

Field service via app for smartphone & tablet

  • Basic setup, menu
  • Preparation, customer visit
  • Filter cockpit
  • Visit report

Document management

  • Editing, status management, versioning
  • Structuring, main documents
  • Duplicate check
  • Rights management
  • Sending / email attachment

Assistant for visit reports

  • Follow-up of appointments, events etc.
  • Attendee management
  • Read and comment

Process-related collaboration

  • Push messages, pin board
  • Synchronize skilfully
  • Rights

Questionnaires for users

  • Planning of questionnaires
  • Create and manage questionnaires
  • Use questionnaires (templates)

Our training concept follows the method of integrated learning (“Blended Learning”) combining the advantages of face-to-face courses and e training. In the context of an on-site training, you will compactly receive knowledge. Our e training platform – PiSA sales academy – can be used both for the individual preparation of face-to-face trainings and for revision or deepening. Here, short video units and clear PDF quick guides are at your disposal.

PiSA sales academy

Training programs for all kind of needs

Besides the user trainings, we also offer courses for administrators and customizers. In administrator trainings PiSA sales admins learn how to independently manage the system as well as to adjust basic settings according to the tasks and requirements of the end users.

The customizer trainings are aimed at system admins that will learn how to add objects to PiSA sales or how to customize already existing ones to execute profound changes in the system.

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