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Customer Portal

The PiSA sales Customer Portal gives you access to the following services:
+ An FAQ database containing hundreds of practical items of information for administrators and users
+ A comprehensive collection of video tutorials that provide insight into practice-related applications for PiSA sales CRM
+ Information on a running program of webinars
+ A dispatch function for support inquiries as well as access to a processing-progress tracking feature

Please ask your CRM officer to provide you with the pertinent access data.

Customer Portal
Schnupper-Webinar - PiSA sales CRM
Lernen Sie mit mir das PiSA sales CRM kennen. Nach einer allgemeinen Tour durch das System lautet das Schwerpunkt-Thema diesmal "CRM in Vertrieb & Marketing".
    Mittwoch, 30.01.2019 - 14:00-14:45 Uhr
  • Live Demo
  • Tour durch das PiSA sales CRM
  • CRM-Software in Vertrieb & Marketing
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