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The PiSA sales academy

We offer you a comprehensive range of courses on all aspects of PiSA sales CRM. Easy-to-understand online courses will help you to familiarize with the system quickly and efficiently. You can choose between courses for beginners, courses for users from the individual departments of marketing, sales and service as well as for administrators.

Optimal user training enables you to benefit from the full potential of PiSA sales CRM. The PiSA sales academy is part of our training concept, which combines the advantages of face-to-face events and e-training. This e-training platform can be used both for individual preparation for face-to-face training and for repetition or consolidation. The short video units and clear PDF short instructions are ideal for the quick familiarization of new team members, too.

  • You determine your learning pace: You yourself determine the time and place of your PiSA sales training. Start and interrupt the training whenever you want
  • Classes for all: The PiSA sales academy offers courses for users, key users and administrators for beginners and advanced users
  • See your progress: Learn at your own pace and track your progress as you learn new features in PiSA sales CRM
  • Growing course offering: With the further development of PiSA sales CRM, new learning content is constantly being made available. So you always stay up to date

The training contents are divided into flexible blocks that can be combined to form an individual training offer according to your needs.



In this course you will learn the basics of working with PiSA sales CRM, for which no previous knowledge is necessary. All learning units consist of one or two short learning videos (between 3 and 8 minutes) and a PDF document, in which the most important contents of the learning unit are summarized. At the end of each learning unit you will find an example of a practical exercise that you can perform in your own work.

The individual units of the basic course build on each other, so that for a first start it is useful to work through the learning units in the suggested order. If you have already gained initial experience with PiSA sales, the individual learning units or individual videos are also suitable for repeating and deepening content. In Basis II we would like to convey more in-depth contents about the work with PiSA sales. The course area Basis II assumes the contents of the user training Basis I as known.


This topic area includes advanced content for key users and end users on the PiSA sales marketing area. The course covers the topics of implementing and tracking marketing projects, campaigns, annual and budget planning, as well as mailings and interfaces to external programs such as InxMail. In particular, lead management, planning and implementation of marketing projects, as well as serial letters and serial mails are presented as learning sections. The content from the basic course is assumed to be familiar.


This course covers the main topics of creating and managing sales transactions, products and divisions as well as planning and evaluation. Among other things, the creation and administration of sales transactions, the product and performance database for quotation configuration, as well as evaluation with drill-down and trend center will be covered.


In the area of service, advanced content for key users and end users becomes the PiSA sales topic area of service. Within the scope of this, the topics of plannable and non-plannable service processes, deployment and resource planning, service feedback and contract management, as well as the mapping of customer installations are covered. Special attention is paid to the service process and service contracts.


In this course area we would like to show you how to work with the Mobile PiSA sales CRM on a tablet. Besides the basics, this includes various key topics from the areas of marketing, sales and service such as basic functions, App-In-Apps as well as an overview of the plans and use of the trade fair and service app.


Advanced content for key users and end users, which lies outside the three main processes (marketing, sales, service), or complements all main processes in a meaningful way. In particular, the creation and use of questionnaires will be presented, which enable a systematic collection of data.



Here, you will find an overview of terms and phrases related to working with and in PiSA sales CRM. The glossary can be easily searched using the search field and the keyword alphabet.

We now also offer online trainings! Get more information about our remote classes here.

You would like to get to know the theoretical basics and the practical handling of the software in your company? If so, feel free to take a look at our personalized in-house training courses!

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