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11. Sep 2017

WHW Hillebrand implements the PiSA sales CRM

The WHW Hillebrand Group relies on the CRM solution by PiSA sales for the long-term optimization of sales and marketing management.

As third-generation family owned business with headquarter in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Wickede, the WHW Hillebrand Group belongs to the leading European companies in the sector of cathodic corrosion protection. High-profile companies from the automotive, energy and electric industry appreciate the services of WHW Hillebrand for all kind of needs around surface coating. Founded in 1937, the company today employs approximately 600 staff members at 4 locations.

After a successful SAP implementation in 2014 the idea was developed further – in the context of a Sales Excellence initiative – to implement a central platform besides the existing ERP system to purposefully look after customers and prospects during all kinds of sales and marketing phases. Following a multi-level pitch of selected suppliers, the corrosion protection specialist decided in favor of the CRM solution by PiSA sales. The crucial factors were the easy and intuitive to use interface of the modern desktop client, the possibility of customer-specific customizing as well as the flexible integration of SAP.

The sales department at WHW Hillebrand especially benefits from the uniform management of the whole sales process in the PiSA sales CRM in combination with the existing SAP system – from the inquiry all the way to the final order. The gained transparency in connection with several analytical features enables a coordinated, fact-based sales management. Clear cockpits show the employees depending on their role important key figures such as revenues, inquiries, order volumes, etc. and allow the immediate development of operative and strategic measurements. Moreover, customer visits can be ideally prepared and followed-up for example with the help of the integrated route planning, digital visit reports as well as the automatic generation of follow-up tasks.

The marketing team at WHW can select target groups in the PiSA sales CRM and reach them via personalized email campaigns. Response reports guarantee a transparent success control. Even the topic event management is covered by the CRM solution by PiSA sales with features such as room planning, invitation organization and evaluations.

On the technical side the already mentioned interface to SAP ERP is used, which provides the PiSA sales CRM with comprehensive data. For source information that are only stored in SAP, users can switch comfortably with just a single click from the CRM to the ERP interface. WHW plans the integration of external business partners via the portal solution by PiSA sales in a later project phase. It is currently planned that approx. 80 team members of the WHW Hillebrand Group will work with CRM solution.

For more information about WHW Hillebrand please visit whw.de.

Author: Christian Adamek

WHW Hillebrand implements the PiSA sales CRM
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