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13. Oct 2017

Real time data instead of “dead data”

Users of the CRM software solution PiSA sales can now benefit from the standard interface to Echobot for a significantly improved data quality in their CRM database as well as from a new standard in the management of B2B customer data. Echobot provides a data stream in real time to more than 1 million companies and over 6 million employees. B2B customer data in the CRM system can get updated and enriched by a single click.

The CRM system is the daily tool of use for many departments. Everyone working with customer data has to rely on its quality. However, customer data changes from time to time. Contact persons vary, companies move, some of them go bankrupt. If these changes are not identified and considered, the work of the colleagues bases on wrong facts. No one wants to risk the failure of a marketing campaign or to lose important business relations at worst. To put it briefly, valid company data is the key to a successful customer acquisition and a profitable nurturing of the existing customer base.

Echobot is from now on available in the recent version of the PiSA sales CRM to simplify work for sales, marketing and service as well as all other departments being dependent on up-to-date and complete customer data. Thus, the extensive search for the suitable contact person and the manual entry of contact data are a thing of the past. Even a small talk topic or latest news concerning a company can be found easily with the help of additional information provided by Echobot. Moreover, PiSA sales users with access to correct and complete master and financial data work more effective.

Screenshot of the integration of Echobot in the PiSA sales CRM

Echobot obtains the data directly from the source and therefore screens online media such as news and press portals as well as websites and social media channels of the companies, but also reflects the main key figures from the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette) and the Commercial Register. Thus, PiSA sales users receive latest information from imprint data, press releases or announcements filed in the Commercial Register regarding their CRM data record and refresh it by the single click of a button.

“We are pleased to offer all users of PiSA sales an additional benefit. Their workflow will be much easier by the direct integration of recent company data in the CRM system. To my mind, everyone deserves top quality CRM data,” explains Timo Bühler, Business Development Manager at Echobot Media Technologies GmbH.

Dirk Kosellek, Head of Marketing and Market Development at PiSA sales GmbH agrees: “With the integration of Echobot we offer our users a modern and convenient way to research companies and contact persons, for example, and to import those directly into the PiSA sales. Hence, we offer our customers an efficient solution to the widely known problem of outdated contact data.”

For more information on Echobot please visit www.echobot.de.

Real time data instead of “dead data”
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