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13. Oct 2009

PiSA sales at the 4th German Mechanical Engineering Summit 2009

VDMA, VDW and the business newspaper Produktion invite you to the fourth German Engineering Summit in Berlin.

PiSA sales is exhibiting at the most important meeting of the mechanical engineering industry in Berlin and is looking forward to welcoming you at our booth.

The great success of the companies and their economic strength have contributed significantly to the fact that the industry can appear self-confidently in the capital and is perceived by politicians.

What do we do now? – Is the saying of the crisis as an opportunity true? Can we machine builders turn the tide in our favor again? We are currently faced with many question marks. Not all branches of mechanical engineering are equally affected by the crisis. Nevertheless, the industry will no longer be the same afterwards. For many companies it is a matter of existential questions. Who will survive the crisis and how? Will Europe and North America still exist as industrial locations, or will Asia produce for the rest of the world? How many cars will be needed in the future? And how many suppliers for the automotive industry? Finally, what is the political responsibility? Will it only save the big players, or what will it do for small and medium-sized enterprises?

And what do we ourselves actually want as an industry? What government intervention is allowed? All topics that we want to discuss with each other and with politicians. The mechanical engineering summit will focus on overcoming the crisis and the time after it. The focus will be on markets, innovations, management strategies, financing instruments and economic policy, to name just a few.

PiSA sales presents a special innovation from the field of enterprise software: Our CRM solution PiSA sales 5, specially developed for the mechanical engineering industry, shows you how your sales force can make good sales again in difficult times, how marketing can achieve more cost-effectively and how service generates sales in profitable after-sales.

Come to Berlin! We are waiting for you!

Author: Dirk Kosellek

PiSA sales at the 4th German Mechanical Engineering Summit 2009
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