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05. Sep 2005

CRM with PiSA sales and ifax open at Hübner

With Hübner GmbH, Kassel, the first customer of the ERP provider ifax decides to use the project-oriented CRM solution PiSA sales.

The medium-sized company in the plastics and metalworking industry, which has existed for more than 50 years, offers customer-oriented solutions worldwide, especially for the automotive industry. For example, bellows, vehicle joint systems and transition systems for rail vehicles are manufactured. The sales processes at Hübner are complex and dynamic due to the systems business. The project-oriented CRM solution PiSA sales 3.0, which is based on the existing ERP landscape ifax open, will be used with immediate effect for the effective control and analysis of all sales processes.

Perfect use of sales know-how

The use of PiSA sales will considerably simplify the contact management of Hübner’s customer-oriented employees in the future and create a common knowledge base across all areas. The seamless integration of MS Office products will ensure the necessary user acceptance. “PiSA is characterised by its many years of experience in the industry and its ability to enter into constructive partnerships,” says Peter Görl, Head of Information Logistics at Hübner. “The cooperation between ifax and PiSA is a stroke of luck for us! For project manager Christoph Heuser, the functional advantages of PiSA sales are in the foreground: “As the entire bid preparation phase is mapped in central sales project folders, the management always receives information about the current status of sales activities. This solution will ideally support us in sales management!

About Hübner GmbH

Hübner GmbH is a modern and internationally active company in the rubber, plastics and metal processing industries with approx. 900 employees in the university town of Kassel and more than 1,300 employees in an international network. The successful positioning on the world market is based on more than 50 years of continuous growth. Customer-oriented, product-related problem solutions are the basis of our competence and our success. We are partners for customers from the automotive industry and other industrial sectors.

Author: Dirk Kosellek

CRM with PiSA sales and ifax open at Hübner
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