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CRM in the B2B Retail Market

Customer relationship management in the trade sector places special demands on CRM software. Businesses in this sector, more so than in many others, rely on good customer relationships and an exceptional degree of market transparency for success.

PiSA sales CRM offers long years of experience and solutions tailored to the specific needs of your sector.

Businesses in the B2B sector typically have a pronounced focus on key-account management, with a 360° view of business partners forming the basis of those operations. It is crucial that businesses in this sector are intimately familiar with their customers and potential customers, so as to enable them to comprehensively satisfy customer needs within the framework of profit-generating processes.

In this sector, good management of in-house and field sales operations is a key imperative. Aside from classic sales planning, this entails efficient communications between front and back offices and the efficient utilization of field resources.

It is becoming increasingly important in the B2B field to run sales-development measures, provide product-support services, implement customer-loyalty programs, and undertake promotional measures—all of which require a growing level of effort and expenditure.

The most valuable information for your business operations and strategic decision-making processes is extractable from sales analyses of varying perspective and from the evaluation of field-sales data or data generated by service operations.

PiSA sales CRM offers a host of specific solutions!

Benefits for B2B Retail enterprises

  • A shared knowledge base across different company entities and sites
  • Quicker access to case-history, contract, campaign, and other information
  • Efficient management of field sales operations
  • Quick inputting of contact reports and automated task distribution
  • Mobile CRM—online and offline
  • Territory management, mapping out of sales structures
  • Mapping out of network and enterprise structures
  • Comprehensive tools for promotion, sales development, and customer-loyalty programs
  • Practical contract and terms management
  • Greater volume of quote throughput, improved quote quality, efficient quote tracking
  • A high-performance products and services database
  • Centralized product management all the way down to the item level
  • Effective competitor analysis
  • and much more

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