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Financial Services

CRM for Broker-Assisted Insurers and Financial Service Providers

Building and cultivating long-term relationships with sales partners is one of the keys to success in the insurance and financial-services sectors. You need the right software tools to enable you to run modern, relationship-oriented service- and sales-management operations within the framework of an integrated concept for support across a variety of sales channels.

Because brokers or independent agents play an increasingly important role in the mix of available sales channels for insurers and financial service providers, there is more and more competition in this sector to win the services of the best sales partners. Insurers and financial service providers need to be able to offer their sales partners the kind of individual support and service concepts that distinguish them from the competition. They also need to closely supervise their sales partners to ensure the best possible results are accomplished.

The “Broker CRM” solution by affinis consulting is based on the PiSA sales CRM suite. It affords insurers and financial service providers new and unique instruments with which to effectively manage sales partnerships. Specifically designed for B2B purposes, Broker CRM is more than just a management tool for contact and master data. This solution offers extensive functionalities that will help you take the success of your broker/agent-assisted sales operations to a new level.

The benefits of dedicated solutions:

  • Consistent management of contact and business data and documents
  • A shared knowledge base across different company entities and sites
  • Quicker access to case-history, contract, KPI, and other information
  • Efficient management of field sales operations
  • Quick inputting of contact reports and automated task distribution
  • Mobile CRM—online and offline
  • Territory management, mapping out of sales structures
  • Structural profiling of partner organizations and mapping out of enterprise affiliations
  • Practical contract and terms management
  • Management of specific master data and individual contract information, e.g. commission agreements
  • Documentation of partnership priorities and partner segmentation
  • Overview of partnerships for the planning of supervisory activities
  • Efficient campaigns and mailings
  • Planning, execution, and post-processing of training and other events for affiliated partners
  • Comprehensive analyses and reports (e.g. Hit Ratio, Quote Ratio, Policy-Quoting Ratios)
  • and much more

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