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Contact management: manage contacts and addresses in one central place

Keep an overview of all your business partners. With the contact management in PiSA sales CRM you can manage address data, contact persons, company structures and contact relationships to any person or company simply and clearly in a central system. In addition to your prospects and customers, you also have a 360° view of any business partners such as press contacts, suppliers, dealers, sales partners or competitors.

More than master data – Contact management with PiSA sales CRM

  • Mapping of corporate structures and relationships between companies and individuals
  • Support of all international address schemes
  • Map view and route planning in Google Maps, Bing, mapquest etc.
  • Powerful check and cleaning of duplicates
  • Well-developed filter functions across your entire database
  • Process personal data in compliance with the GDPR

Collect contact data efficiently and error-free

The PiSA sales CRM offers you a number of useful functions that support you in entering address data:

1. Semi-automatic acquisition of contact data from e-mails and website imprints

2. Fully automatic OCR or QR code scan of contact data from business cards

3. Import of address lists from Excel with simple field mapping

4. Import of address data from the data service Echobot

If the user wishes, a powerful duplicate check can be run during the import process, which compares the duplicate found with the new data to be imported if necessary. You can simply decide with a click whether and if so, which data should be newly imported or enriched in existing data records. Alternatively, the duplicate check can also be performed subsequently. When manually creating personal data records, the system automatically sets the salutation depending on the first name recognized.

All information at a glance

Already when opening the personal or company file, you immediately see the status of the contact. A graphic status bar shows you directly whether, for example, your customer has open quotations or overdue service notifications. Preparing for a customer appointment is also very easy. With just a few clicks you know what the last customer meeting was about, which open and closed business opportunities, offers and orders the customer has, and which products he has already bought in the past. So you are quickly in the picture – even if you have to step in spontaneously.


Thanks to the integration of various map services such as Google Maps, Bing, openstreetmap etc. you have the possibility to show the locations of any contacts on the map. In combination with a proximity search and a freely definable filter, you can, for example, display all customers within a radius of 100 kilometres from their current location who have not been visited in the last 6 months and whose turnover is declining. The system displays the result of your search as one or more pins. You have the possibility to open the contact in PiSA sales CRM directly from the map via hyperlink or alternatively to plan a route.

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