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Contacts & Activities

Keep a constant check on all your contacts and activities with the PiSA sales Contact Management feature. It will help you to centrally manage address data, contacts, company structures, and contact relationships with any specific partners (XRM) easily and in a well-structured overview. This will enable you to keep a good handle on all sales-relevant customers and potential customers as well as other parties, such as competitors or sales partners. A graphic status bar is available in the contract screen to show directly whether any quotes issued to the customer have not yet been responded to conclusively, if any service reports are overdue, etc. The information made available by this feature will, of course, be a considerable help when preparing for customer appointments. A few clicks will see you well informed about the subject-matter most recently discussed with the customer, about which open and which concluded business opportunities, quotes, or orders are attached to the customer, and about which products the customer has already purchased.

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Kontakte und Aktivitäten im PiSA sales CRM

You will quickly get a clear picture of where you stand with a customer—even if you are in a situation which requires you to stand in for a colleague and for which you therefore need a quick rundown on the customer and your company’s standing relationship with that customer.

The Activities Management feature in PiSA sales will help you to better organize, manage, and document tasks, appointments, contact reports, phone calls, correspondence, and notes. An excellent reminder and follow-up function will prevent any ToDo oversights in future. All activities which have been planned, delegated, and finalized within the system will be automatically filed in the relevant history for the customer and case (business opportunity, quote). Even months or years later, you will be able to establish who handled which activity, when, and which other parties were involved.

A clearly set out calendar will make planning your activities that much easier. And you can have the system automatically check your CRM calendar against your Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar. An easy-to-use group calendar is also available for supervisors, planners, or the heads of projects or teams to schedule personnel assignments for an entire group. This calendar is specifically designed to indicate the availability status of staff members at a glance. New tasks, appointments, phone calls, or correspondence can be easily entered onto the calendar, shifted around using the drag-and-drop function, or re-delegated. The calendar lets you complete weekly scheduling for your team within a matter of only minutes. It also lets you schedule non-personnel resources such as meeting rooms, company vehicles, or notebooks. The availability of all personnel or non-personnel resources will thus be immediately apparent to all CRM users.

PiSA sales gives you the ability to define workflows of any type that will enable the quick integration of best-practice processes, thereby ensuring that tasks are completed in the best possible manner by the most suitable operatives.

Vertriebssteuerung im PiSA sales CRM

Sales Management

To achieve serious sales success, you need to be able to source quick and precise information about market developments, about the business opportunities and offerings that present themselves, and about the latest forecasts. PiSA sales CRM offers the right tools for efficient and profitable sales operations. It will provide the support you need from the point of initial customer inquiry and lead management all the way to quote preparation, field-staff management, and ultimate order processing.

PiSA sales lets you work through all the phases of a sales case in a structured fashion and make collected information available to all concerned parties. End-to-end documentation of all information along the sales process will help you to invariably make the best handling choices. You and your colleagues will always have all the details on a customer or potential customer or on existing business opportunities or offerings right at your fingertips.

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Status information, product data, documents, activity histories and ToDo lists, information on the parties involved in a case and their roles, as well as available information on competitors will all serve to escalate your prospects for business success.

The automatic allocation of sales responsibilities by freely definable sales territories (by region, postcode, or sector, for example) will help you to quickly and easily assign leads and lead-management tasks, to generate analyses, or to schedule sales activities.

The sales planning tool in PiSA sales CRM facilitates the planning process and will help you collect information that is extremely valuable for the management of your organization. You will be able to base your scheduling operations on criterion such as sector, region, customer, product line, or sales unit (sales operative, sales office, or sales partner). The system provides both top-down and bottom-up processing options. And your sales plans will remain adaptable at any time to changes in the structure of your sales organization.

The system allows you to collect and analyze all customer data, data on your communications with a customer, and all “soft” data on customer conduct and potential, so that you are creating an expanding repository of intelligence that will serve as a foundation for active sales management.

Quote Preparation

Configuring and calculating either simple or complex quotes using PiSA sales CRM gives you benefits like quick throughput times, error prevention mechanisms, and the ability to create standardized quotes in keeping with your corporate design. The system puts all the tools you need for the issuance of professional quotes at your disposal. They include the availability of up-to-the-minute product information, the easy generation of parts lists or listing of delivery scopes, and efficient task planning.

PiSA sales will help you to prepare quotes and the accompanying documentation (such as manuals and technical specifications) using intelligent text blocks and predefined specimens.

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Angebotserstellung und Angebotskalkulation im PiSA sales CRM

Multi-language options (e.g. quote language or customer language) will also let you prepare documents for international markets. Thanks to the system’s UNICODE capability, you will even be able to issue your quotes in Cyrillic or Chinese. And you can use any currency or unit of measure.

The system will make not only standard text blocks that draw on filed variables available to you, but individualized ones, too, making it possible to store and provide special-purpose information and comments on particular items for a specific manual or technical specification.

Flexible calculating options are available within a standard price calculation module which provides individualized pricing systems for different products / product groups or services. This feature makes accommodations for customer-specific product or performance additions and for the use of different currencies and exchange rates. PiSA sales CRM supports all pricing scenarios: for individual products, a product mix, or contract-specific calculations. Because calculations in progress can be followed in real time on the various sales channels, there will be no risk of different operatives working individually on one and the same calculation.

Mobile access to an electronic catalog of standard products and services will enable your field staff to prepare quotes right on the customer premises and thus generate on-the-spot results.

Aussendienstunterstützung im PiSA sales CRM

Field Sales Operations

Thanks to a genuine 360° view of data on customers and potential customers, your field operatives will be able to prepare for their sales meetings within a matter of only minutes. This 360° view will immediately answer questions on the history of a contact, on which products a customer has already purchased, on which marketing campaigns a customer has been exposed to, or on a given service situation. All this information will be quickly accessible to you and your colleagues in a clearly structured form. Sophisticated offline solutions ensure that you even have access to your data without being connected to the internet.

Besides the access via notebook your field operatives will have the benefit of anytime mobile accessibility to CRM data using smartphones and tablets. This means they will have access to comprehensive information on prospects, customers and competitors anytime, anywhere e.g. to data such as tasks, histories, business opportunities, quotes, orders, delivery scopes, contracts, prasentations, product data and much more.

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The sales apps by PiSA sales support both your route planning to the next appointment and the capturing of visit reports on location as well as the processing of your customer visits. Use digital visit report templates which you can create without any programming skills for the efficient documentation of your conversations. And that’s not all: During the capturing of “hard” and “soft” facts, concrete demand, complaints or orders the system will be able to automatically generate follow-up reminders and delegate tasks for in-house operatives, for example.

Of course, the PiSA sales CRM apps for smartphones and tablets won’t let you down on completing a visit report even when you’re offline. As soon as an internet connection is available again all your data will be synchronized fast and safely.

Reports & Analyses in Sales

You don’t always want decisions concerning sales operations to be made based on gut intuition. PiSA sales CRM offers you a reliable data basis as well as an array of powerful reporting and analysis options. Every user in your sales outfit can access the figures and analyses they require individually with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The in-system sales cockpit, sales planning function, drill-down utility, and comprehensive reporting center all combine to put a powerful yet easy-to-use business-intelligence platform at the disposal of all users. Whether you wish to establish an operative’s achievement status along their annual planning timeline, ascertain the business opportunities and potential contained in a forecast, determine whether or not a pipeline is “healthy”, or identify which products will likely need to be delivered in the coming quarter, PiSA sales CRM provides all the information you need.

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Reports und Analysen im Vertrieb mit dem PiSA sales CRM

And with this information at hand, it will take no more than a matter of minutes to prepare meetings for the discussion of on-going sales cases. These capabilities make the planning and analysis of sales schedules, even in complex sales organizations, much, much easier.

Sales operations can often benefit greatly from the availability of detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. The competitor-analysis function in PiSA sales CRM allows you to establish a 360° view of the competition. Strengths-and-weaknesses profiles, comparisons of your products with those of your rivals, information on sales procedures and pricing, selling points, and even win/loss customer analyses are just some of the valuable aids that can help to boost your sales effectiveness.

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