easy. flexible. powerful.

Technology & Integration


  • Open technology platform
  • Use of modern industry standards
  • Comprehensive adaptability
  • Deep integration into existing IT infrastructures

CRM apps

  • Mobile access via smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Comprehensive range of functions for sales, marketing and service
  • Unique offline functionality
  • App-in-App concept for customized apps

ERP interfaces

  • Extendable standard ERP interfaces to SAP, PSIpenta and abas
  • Many years of experience in the integration of various other ERP systems
  • No redundant data storage through simple, fast and robust data exchange
  • Use of modern interface technologies (e.g. XML, web services, REST-API)

DMS interfaces

  • Individual coupling to your DMS system
  • Quick finding of documents thanks to the full text search
  • Saving documents directly from Microsoft Office in PiSA sales
  • Duplicate check for documents

Groupware and e-mail

  • Bidirectional standard couplings with Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes and the Google G Suite
  • Qualified filing and administration of your e-mail correspondence
  • Automatic synchronization of calendar and appointments
  • Integrated groupware client

CTI / Telephony Integration

  • Caller ID for an even more personalized approach
  • One click access to the customer file of the calling customer
  • Telephone history of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Outgoing calls by mouse click
  • Skype for business component available

Further interfaces

  • Always up-to-date information about companies and contact persons with the interface to Echobot CONNECT
  • Professional email marketing with Inxmail Professional or CleverReach
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