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CRM basics

Contact management

  • Address data, contact persons, company structures and contact relations
  • XRM management of any business partners, suppliers, competitors, etc.
  • Support of international address schemes
  • Powerful duplicate check

Activity management

  • Efficient planning, control, handling and documentation of work processes
  • Flexible workflows for a partial process automation
  • Bidirectional integration with Outlook Exchange, Lotus Notes and Google Suite

Data protection

  • Comprehensive data protection functions to cover the GDPR
  • Capturing consent through different channels
  • Exercising the right of access to personal data by click
  • Multi-level deletion concept, expiration date of addresses and much more

User interface

  • Modern surfaces in flat design
  • Customization of menus, tabs, lists with a few clicks
  • Multilingual user interfaces for international use

Find and organize

  • Full text search engine across all fields, relationships and document content
  • Quick finder for ad hoc search
  • Powerful filter tool for almost all objects

Chat and collaboration

  • Chat tool for an easy communication on all devices
  • Common working platform thanks to a shared knowledge base
  • Internal messages and chats with hyperlinks to any objects / information
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