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WHW Hillebrand implements the PiSA sales CRM11SepWHW Hillebrand implements the PiSA sales CRM

The WHW Hillebrand Group relies on the CRM solution by PiSA sales for the long-term optimization of sales and marketing management.

As third-generation family owned business with headquarter in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Wickede, the WHW Hillebrand Group belongs to the leading European companies in the sector of cathodic corrosion protection. High-profile companies from the automotive, energy and electric industry appreciate the services of WHW Hillebrand for all kind of needs around surface coating. Founded in 1937, the company today employs approximately 600 staff members at 4 locations.

After a successful SAP implementation in 2014 the idea was developed further – in the context of a Sales Excellence initiative – to implement a central platform besides the existing ERP system to purposefully look after customers and prospects during all kinds of sales and marketing phases. Following a multi-level pitch of selected suppliers, the corrosion protection specialist decided in favor of the CRM solution by PiSA sales. The crucial factors were the easy and intuitive to use interface of the modern desktop client, the possibility of customer-specific customizing as well as the flexible integration of SAP.

The sales department at WHW Hillebrand especially benefits from the uniform management of the whole sales process in the PiSA sales CRM in combination with the existing SAP system – from the inquiry all the way to the final order. The gained transparency in connection with several analytical features enables a coordinated, fact-based sales management. Clear cockpits show the employees depending on their role important key figures such as revenues, inquiries, order volumes, etc. and allow the immediate development of operative and strategic measurements. Moreover, customer visits can be ideally prepared and followed-up for example with the help of the integrated route planning, digital visit reports as well as the automatic generation of follow-up tasks.

The marketing team at WHW can select target groups in the PiSA sales CRM and reach them via personalized email campaigns. Response reports guarantee a transparent success control. Even the topic event management is covered by the CRM solution by PiSA sales with features such as room planning, invitation organization and evaluations.

On the technical side the already mentioned interface to SAP ERP is used, which provides the PiSA sales CRM with comprehensive data. For source information that are only stored in SAP, users can switch comfortably with just a single click from the CRM to the ERP interface. WHW plans the integration of external business partners via the portal solution by PiSA sales in a later project phase. It is currently planned that approx. 80 team members of the WHW Hillebrand Group will work with CRM solution.

For more information about WHW Hillebrand please visit whw.de.

Author: Christian Adamek

Free introductorial webinars22SepFree introductorial webinars

We are sorry to announce that our free introductorial webinars are currently only available in German. As soon as we launch English webinars we will be glad to inform you.

ISOTEC improves processes with CRM by PiSA sales in the cloud04JulISOTEC improves processes with CRM by PiSA sales in the cloud

The ISOCTEC GmbH with headquarter at Kürten close to Cologne will use cloud CRM by PiSA sales for smooth processes in the sales, marketing as well as service department and equips its partner companies with mobile field service apps.

FFG group introduces CRM solutions by PiSA sales28AprFFG group introduces CRM solutions by PiSA sales

The worldwide operating industry conglomerate FFG has decided for the implementation of the PiSA sales CRM. The group will optimize their sales and service processes using the new solution in the group’s association of European and American machine tool manufacturers (FFG Europe & Americas).

CRM apps by PiSA sales receive CASSIOPEIA award22MarCRM apps by PiSA sales receive CASSIOPEIA award

The PiSA sales GmbH is winner of the CASSIOPEIA award – presented for the first time at the CeBIT 2017 – in the category Mobility. The outstanding user experience as well as the comprehensive scope of features of the PiSA sales CRM apps for smartphones and tablets have impressed the expert jury.

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CRM with PiSA sales: The tool for your success

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You have the choice: rent comfortably or purchase simply. The PiSA sales CRM is available to you as self-hosted on-premise or secure cloud solution. Learn here more about which model meets your requests best.

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Your goal is to increase sales and reduce expenditures. You wish to maintain a constant overview of sales operations so that you are in a position to act quickly as and when a situation arises…

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What satisfied customers say about the PiSA sales CRM

As a long-standing user we especially appreciate the partnership-based relationship with PiSA sales and the fact that we are able to exercise direct influence on standard developments undertaken by this supplier. Alexandra Weiß (Hekatron Vertriebs GmbH)
In PiSA sales we have found a CRM partner who knows what enterprises in our industry need in order to be able to successfully manage their customer relationships. Karsten Eckhardt (Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH)
PiSA sales is highly attractive to us: It provides a high level of standard functionality for technical sales as well as efficient adaptation possibilities for future tasks. A wraparound view of our customers becomes reality! Jörg Lange (Elektror airsystems gmbh)
I appreciate the reliable and co-operative partnership that we enjoy with our CRM provider. Having direct access to the development department is of signifi-cant value to GEMÜ. Heiko Schmitt (GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG)
PiSA sales helps us to coordinate, document and maintain our various customer activities around the world. The people on our staff who are involved with our customers always have the latest information pertaining to those customer at their disposal! Wolfgang Hahn (KRAIBURG TPE GmbH & Co. KG)
PiSA sales enables us to map out our project operations from initial contact to the issuing of quotes, project monitoring, and results analysis. That was our key demand. PiSA sales provides us all customer information at a glance. Thomas Grotmann (Mennekes Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG)
Aside from valuing the mutual trust and the professionalism on which our relationship with PiSA sales is built, we particularly appreciate having direct access to the PiSA sales development team and, of course, the highly capable and versatile nature of our software solution. Erwin Zattler (Sanacorp Pharmahandel GmbH)
At Senvion, sales activities involve much more than just ‘selling’. PiSA sales is the central platform for customer information and our second strategic business application alongside SAP. Herr Christian Stemcke (Senvion SE)

Leading global enterprises rely on the PiSA sales CRM

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CRM software by PiSA sales

CRM Software from PiSA sales PiSA sales GmbH is a medium-sized provider of software solutions for customer-relationship management (CRM) and any-relationship management (XRM) in business-to-business (B2B) operations. Founded in 1989, the company nowadays provides one of the most efficient CRM solutions available on the German market. PiSA sales is the solution of choice for many big-name companies operating around the world in industries such as...
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...plants and facilities manufacturing, building and building-supplies industry, electronics, metal processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy supply, services and finance, and the B2B sector.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, describes a consistent customer focus in business. The aim of this strategy is to steer and oversee customer relationships to as great a degree as possible. The systematic collection, management, analysis, and processing of customer data gives businesses a variety of options, both on the analytical and operative levels, for the quicker and less costly solicitation of new customers and the profitable engineering of existing customer relationships. A proactively practiced CRM strategy enables businesses to keep learning more about their customers and their customers’ needs.

XRM – Any Relationship Management

Any Relationship Management, or XRM, refers to the practice of collecting, charting, organizing, and steering relationships with all the individuals and external organizations involved in a business process. Unlike classic Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the XRM concept incorporates not only customers into an integrated, comprehensive relationship management system, but other players as well: competitors, media contacts, lobbyists, and suppliers, for example. XRM makes the assumption that only the structured mapping out of all interaction with an enterprise’s contacts will enable profitable relationship management. This concept, too, puts the customer at its center, since it is the customer who ultimately determines the success of a company. A comprehensive XRM strategy needs suitable XRM software. Modern CRM software solutions support both XRM and classic CRM strategies. Using CRM software in customer-proximate areas of operation such as sales, marketing, and services, allows you to streamline the business processes that will ultimately help you to reduce process costs and provide better services to your customers. The operatives at your company will benefit from fast and comprehensive access to customer data and from the wealth of options available in the CRM system for analyzing that data. This system provides all relevant areas of company operation with a common tool that facilitates their shared efforts to achieve enterprise success on the back of profitable customer relationships. Use of the software as an XRM solution in other areas of operation will enable your company to build up storehouse of knowledge, cooperative contact management capabilities, and an end-to-end system of activities management (workforce). The PiSA sales CRM / XRM suite is a value-adding tool for soliciting new business, for the profit-generating maintenance of your existing customer base, for targeted and effective marketing, for optimized lead management, and for the structured management of all customer- and account-relevant information and activities. It will help you to keep a step ahead of the competition by profoundly analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and then optimizing your operations accordingly.

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